Congratulations on enrolling successfully in class!  You will receive a reminder email with class details (such as where to go, what to bring with you to class, etc...) within 3 days of class starting.


Payment Options: 

  1. Cash or check due the first day of class

  2. Venmo App: "@spotontraining" under the name Andrea Acosta (You can pay via the Venmo App anytime)

  3. Paypal / Venmo Link (Note: there is a 2.9% service fee with Paypal).


If you wish to pay with PayPal or the Venmo, click the "Pay Now" button below. (You will have the option to pay with either PayPal or Venmo on the payment page).  Note: To pay with Venmo, you must have the latest version of the app installed, and have enabled "Mobile Web Purchase" or "Connect Browsers" in your app settings. You can also pay directly via the Venmo App at any time.

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